Thursday, August 18, 2011

Flashpoint: Abin Sur-The Green Lantern #3- A Review

Flashpoint: Abin Sur-The Green Lantern #3
Written by Adam Schlagman
Art and cover by Felipe Massafera

I picked up Abin Sur #1 because the book looked like it was going to explore Abin Sur and Sinestro's relationship. The first issue showed promise and while the second issue started to drop the ball, I hoped that the third issue would redeem this tie-in series. Unfortunately the third issue is a waste of your time and money.

Let's start with the art because it's probably the easiest to review. First off this series adopts the look from the movie versions of the characters. Nothing wrong with that except that as the series progressed those uniforms looked more and more sloppy and ugly. So much so that by this issue I personally found myself flipping through pages faster just so I could avoid looking at those uniforms. Other than that complaint  the art is decent. Nothing spectacular but nothing really bad either. Just decent.

Alright so let's move on to the story. Remember that relationship between Sinestro and Abin Sur I was so excited to explore? Yeah forget about that. Sinestro basically takes on the role of the monologuing moustache twirling evil villain here. It's especially sad because Geoff Johns has been able to revive the character and make him a complex and interesting character to read. The contrast just further serves to drive this book into the depths. Here Sinestro is promptly and swiftly defeated in a way that makes no sense whatsoever and then Abin Sur moves on. By the time the ending is revealed you're actively rooting for the character to hurry up and die so that the book will be over. Alas no such luck. Not only that but if you're still curious as to Abin Sur's fate even that is not resolved. That's not to say the book is completly worthless, there are some cool moments and a Green Lantern pissing off the Guardians is always fun to read but it's not even close to being able to redeem the book's faults.
From Flashpoint: Abin Sur-The Green Lantern #3

Overall I'd advice you to avoid this issue. Unless you're a completist who already owns the first two issues and will die without this issue, stay far away from it.

Score: 3.0/10

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