Thursday, August 18, 2011

Batman #713: A review

Batman #713

Written by Fabian Nicieza 
Art by Steve Scott and Ryan Winn 
Cover by Tony Daniel and Ryan Winn

Batman #713 is the last issue of Batman before the relaunch. It's sad and a run like this deserves a satisfying wrap-up. But while Fabian Nicieza provides a decent and competent story, it lacks that final charm that the last issue of Batman truly needs. Perhaps it's the fact that Batman is one of the few franchises that is not being rebooted or perhaps it's just the fact that the story is one we've heard a thousand times before but Batman #713 doesn't deliver the satisfying punch that a franchise like Batman needs.

I must say that Fabian Nicieza is one of my favorite writers in the buisness. To me he's one of the few writers that understands the complexities of the relationship between the different members of the Bat-Family. In Batman #713 he proves it. The story is basically a synopsis of Batman and the various Robins in his life. I honestly feel like this story might be better received if it was the last issue of Batman and Robin instead of Batman. Still Nicieza really understands the Bat-Family and it shows. The downside to all of this is that it is in fact a synopsis. It's not a new story and it's not really new information either. Honestly I would give this issue to someone who only knows Batman from the movies, it would get them caught up on the mythology that is Batman. Agains the downside of all this is that the DCU is relaunching and the new issues should also fill that role.

The art in this issue is a mixed bag. There are a variety of artists so the pages are all slightly different and it's hard to argue for or against it in any way. It doesn't help or hinder the story, it is what it is.
Last page from Batman #713
Overall the story is a nice if unsatisfying cap on this historic run. The writing is decent and the art is acceptable but not much else can be said about it.

Score: 6.5/10

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