Friday, August 26, 2011

Batman Inc. #8: A review

Batman Incorporated #8
Written by Grant Morrison, Art by Scott Clark, David Beaty

Batman Incorporated #8 faces a weird challenge this week. It's the last issue before the reboot but it is not being rebooted itself. On the other hand it is the last single issue before a long break (the series returns in 2012). On the other hand two planned issues will still be published in an extra long one-shot. Not that these challenges have much to do with the actual issue, just in how the book is received.

Grant Morrison continues his epic Batman narrative by focusing on the Internet 3.0 concept that was introduced in Batman: The Return. At this point most readers know where they stand on Morrison's writing, you either love it or hate it. From a story standpoint, it's a pretty straightforward story. Bruce is showing off Internet 3.0 when the entire program is invaded by a virus and Batman and Oracle have to work to find the source of this virus and eliminate it. Nothing really special about the story, it's just a simple fun tale.

Since the entire issue takes place inside a computer program, the artists used an art form that looks very digital. I don't think that this look would be appealing if it was used commonly but within the context of the story, it works. Perhaps my only complaint is that the lighting is a little too dark, that's partly expected because it's a Batman story but the darkness is a bit overwhelming and distracting in this case.

Oracle in Batman Inc #8
Overall, this is a solid story, nothing fancy but nothing too bad either. Writing is good, art's good. The problem is that none of it is particularly spectacular either.

Score: 7.0/10

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